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Kit Bundle Super Profit

Usable materials
for cosmetic tooth
whitening treatment

+ bonus

With the purchase of a ‘Super Profit’ or a ‘Balance’ bundle, you are eligible to receive the ‘Marketing Daily’ package free of charge.
Is our most cost-optimized package of Kits for tooth whitening. Minimum costs for maximum profit.


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Additional information

Zusätzliche Information

Gewicht 5,6 kg
Größe 49 × 44 × 27 cm

Pearl Smile GmbH




Kit Bundle Super Profit

About the product

Bundle of Kits for treatment implementation

This Kit bundle comprises of 25 tubes of Pearlsmile gel (30 ml per tube) and 150 Pearlsmile professional mouth trays. Each Kit technically consists of 15 ml of gel and 3 mouth trays. Each Kit allows you to implement an Express, Premium, or Intensive treatment in accordance with the client’s needs. In a Kit Bundle Super Profit, you get 150 Express, 75 Premium, or 50 Intensive treatments with a maximum possible net turnover of €8,697.-

PearlSmile gel

– 100% cosmetic product
– Made in Germany
– Batch of 01.2023

PearlSmile mouth tray

– Food-grade silicon

Product includes

– Pearlsmile gel – 25 pcs.
– Pearlsmile mouth tray – 150 pcs.

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12 years on the market

Manufacturing professional equipment and products for teeth whitening.